A new vision of Music

The proposal of alternative universes to the current one, even in the music world. Creating new ways to propose and enjoy music, returning to the materiality of the elements.
Making music perceptible and expressible with all the senses.
To put it in close connection with other arts, experimenting and sharing this mission with other artists.

A mask with gears

The gears of the logo mask give the idea of a "machine", a factory that turns to build a new mood. The idea behind the gear is the steampunk philosophy, which paints an anachronistic world. A return to the ancient, but in a modern key.
The mask hides but lets glimpse the faces. It has a great magical and seductive power and is at the same time playful. The mask is reminiscent of the carnival, but also dark and murky environments.

It has been chosen for its versatility (the uses are many, from cultural to funerary or initiatory in different cultures).
That same versatility follows the concept of the snake's moulting, of change according to the historical and personal moment, of union of opposites.