Silversnake Michelle Snake Machine

Micaela Battista, alias SILVERSNAKE MICHELLE was born in Turin in 1975. In 1993 she started studying acting at Teatro Nuovo in Turin with Renato Liprandi and carried on her studies at Tangram Teatro, following the teachings of Ivana Ferri and Bruno Maria Ferraro.

She performed in a number of theater shows, interpreting a range of both dramatic (e.g. Lady Macbeth ) and comedic (e.g. Puck the fairy) roles. She performed in different short movie.
In the meantime she graduated from law school and passed the lawyer professional examination. Since 2011 she took part in a choral studies program as a soprano, with Civici Cori of Milan. She followed lessons of ethnomusicology in Milan. She passed the examination of music theory at the University of musicology.

Since 2012 she has been studying modern singing with Dino Brentali using SLS method (Speech Level Singing) by Seth Riggs.
In 2013 she undertook a personal musical research path. Since then she has been composing and interpreting her own songs, under the name of SilverSnake Michelle. Her stage name is a symbol of rebirth and wisdom, and it represents life itself.

She met Dario Arena (guitar) and Daniele Marchetti (keyboards and guitar) and they help her to arrange songs. In 2014 she released her first album "So in my mind". She performed in various clubs in Milan, electric and acoustic way.
In October 2014, she was selected to participate in a television program in the United States (Cape Cod): LIVE FROM CENTER STAGE performing in USA with Daniele Marchetti (guitars and keyboards) and local musicians.

In 2016 she released her second album "Her Snakeness" a progressive concept album composed of 14 tracks. In 2017 she released a new EP "…Buries The Secret Of…" that is a conclusion of previous album.

In 2018, she shot her second official video based on the song "I Marry My Pain" based on his last EP. This video won the Best Music Video award at the Switzerland International Film Festival in Lausanne.
In 2019, she began to work on his fourth album, "The Mother Code", consisting of 9 tracks, then released in April 2020 by the independent record label AREASONICA RECORDS in Bologna.


Daniele Marchetti Snake Machine

Born in 1966, half from Milan and half from Rome (as he likes to call himself), he lived his childhood in a musical environment thanks to a classical pianist mother and a father, jazz lover and collector of records rarities in Ragtime, Dixie and New Orleans.
When he was eight years old, he started taking piano lessons. Over time he formed himself into a skilled pianist, learning to read and write by his hand on a stave.
When he was 13, her cousin gave him an old guitar. A love at first sight is born with this instrument, that immediately appears to him much more versatile and magnetic than the piano.
With various guides, masters and experiences, he quickly learns to juggle the strings, becoming very fond of the guitar without ever leaving the piano and, with artistic maturity, growing more and more the passion for both.

Over time he earn the title of multi-instrumentalist, also taking electric bass guitar lessons and playing in musicals orchestra.
He also enriches his skills as an arranger, composing and recording advertising jingles for some radio stations.
In 2012 he resumed collaborating with some musical groups, becoming more active as a professional musician.
There are plenty of opportunities and at the beginning of 2013 he met guitarist Dario Arena who involved him in the project of Silversnake Michelle’s first album.
He then collaborates actively with Dario on arrangements, recording piano, keyboards and some guitar parts for "So in my mind..." and starting a strong artistic partnership with Michelle. Meanwhile he became keyboardist for Scary Monsters Ltd (David Bowie & Friends Tribute Band).
2014 arrives and with it the first live performances together with Silversnake Michelle, culminating with the fantastic opportunity to play live in an overseas TV show in Cape Cod, near Boston (USA). He organizes with her this American mini tour using very good local musicians and proposing in the USA all the first album’s work with great success. In the meantime he carries on the arrangements of Silversnake's new compositions and with them the development of a future new album.
With 2015, the artistic collaboration with Michelle is more and more outlined.
He is the producer with her of later works collaborating 360 degrees in the project and recording piano, guitars and bass.
In 2019 he founded with Michelle the artistic label SNAKE MACHINE .